Grace Lutheran Church

Claudine's Story of Grace

My husband and I moved to Wenatchee in 2007 from Rwanda when he took a job at Wenatchee Valley College. I did not know anybody – I was lonely and had no family or friends. After a month, I met Katie S. and she introduced me to Grace Lutheran church. Everyone at Grace was so nice to me and interested in talking to me! I found friends at Grace who help me be closer to God and care about me. I am so happy my family are members at Grace!

It Is Taught Among Us At Grace...

  • That we know God as One-in-Three, Father (Creator), Son (Savior) and Holy Spirit (Sustainer). These three are God’s way of interacting with us in the world and making us part of God’s New Creation.
  • That the Bible challenges and shapes our life of faith. God speaks to us through our study of scripture.
  • Baptism and Holy Communion are tangible promises and means of God’s grace for us.
  • That every person is a beloved child of God.  As God’s children, we are promised forgiveness and new life through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This frees us from the heartache and brokenness we experience in our own lives. When we are freed to live as God meant us to live, we are able to turn our attention to neighbors near and far.
  • That we can have high hopes for a just and peaceful world as we put our faith into practice, joining with others in the community for the common good.

Our Mission at Grace:

We proclaim and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and sacraments so that a community of believers is created, trained, nurtured, and sent into mission.